Frequently Asked Questions

Please NO pets. Thoroughbreds can be unpredictable and pets can disturb horses. Service animals are welcome. If you plan to bring a service animal please alert us in advance. If you need a temporary home for your pet, go to Ocala Dog Ranch: — They have a special rate for you.

Marion County and Ocala have fine restaurants for your dining pleasure. View all of your dining options here!

Some tours encourage interaction with the horses. However, most are working farms and will not allow — for your safety — touching or feeding the horses. Be sure to ask before doing. These are not “petting zoos.”

There are ranches that provide both trail rides and riding lessons. Find them here!

Don’t have time for a full tour? Want to enjoy the beauty of Horse Country from the comfort of your car? One hour drive — Follow this map

You’ll drive by: World Equestrian Center, Equine Performance, Oak Bell Farm, Crupi’s New Castle Farm, Kimberden Farm, Kings Farm, Ambrit Acres, Live Oak Invitational, Live Oak Stud, Kinsman Stud Farm and Double Diamond Farm … and lots more. Venture off any of the roads and see even more beautiful farms. It is a lovely adventure.

You might bring carrots to share with the horses along the fence line. WORD of CAUTION. Present the carrot on a flat hand — horses cannot tell the difference between a finger and a carrot.

Wear farm attire. You are walking around a working farm — wear closed-toe shoes. This is for your safety and you never know what you might step in at a farm.
Your guides at individual farms that show you around the farms appreciate a tip. The usual tip is $5-10.  Not-for-profit organizations appreciate a donation.
Check in 15 min before start time. You are visiting a working farm. Staff does not have the luxury of “fitting in” or waiting for late-comers. If you are having problems finding the farm, please call THCT office: 352-338-1122. There are no refunds for late arrivals and missed tours.

Many of the farms themselves have no restrictions against children.  Check the individual tour listing for exact age ranges.

Although many tours are “kid-friendly,” think carefully before bringing your children to a working horse farm. Keep in mind, kids without an express interest in horses may find the tours boring –no petting, no running, no loud talking– or they may be exposed to information that may not be age-appropriate, such as, the details of horse breeding.

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling tours (pending availability) or cancellations require notice of at least 48 business hours before the tour time. Tours are rain or shine. Cancellations are not available for weather or specific horses not being available. In case of a weather-related cancellation, a rain date will be offered. For no-show or late arrivals, refunds will not be issued. 

The service fee is non-refundable.

YES. Tours may be limited during certain events or times of year, such as breeding season, or horse sales. The best way to avoid disappointment is to plan as far in advance as possible.

Farms do not have a open door policy and all visits must be arranged in advance. Make a reservation to be assured you’ll be able to visit the farm.

Tours are held rain or shine. It is a rare occasion but tours will be canceled in hurricane alerts. Umbrellas are not recommended. Dress accordingly.

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