Fox Hill Paso Fino Farm

Breed for Power and Performance. 

The Paso Fino is completely unique and
it may be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Wait until you see these horses in action. The gait is like no other. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet this incredible breed. 

Fox Hill is a boutique Paso Fino farm, home to Multi-National Champions. We pride ourselves on selecting the most talented horses and helping them reach the top of their potential.

Fox Hill horses are selected for their athletic ability, beauty, intelligence, temperament, and grace. Each horse is given the opportunity to grow and develop to its full potential. While not all horses may have the temperament or talent to perform and win in the show ring, we do think that each horse has a special place and purpose. We strive to give each animal the attention and training it needs in the beginning, so it will be a pleasure to own. A happy and well-trained horse makes a happy owner!

Tour Details

Full refund when cancelled by 24 hours before start of the tour. No refunds for a missed tour or late arrival.
Must Wear: Closed toed shoes. Farm attire suggested.
NO PETS. Service Animals are welcome.
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