Discover why Hennessey Arabians are so widely sought after.

Welcome to the vibrant world of Hennessey Arabians, a beacon of Arabian horse excellence nestled right in the heart of Ocala, Florida,

  1. Heaven for Horses: Since its inception in 2007, Hennessey Arabians has captured the hearts of visitors. Founder Frank Hennessey’s dream of building a ‘heaven for horses’ has turned the 93-acre farm into a magical kingdom—a place many now refer to as HennesseyLand. Visitors are inspired by their love of horses, and the farm’s reputation reflects this passion.
  2. Top Breeding Farm: Hennessey Arabians is renowned as one of the top Arabian horse breeding farms. it has contributed significantly to the Arabian horse market.
  3. Quality and Commitment: The farm’s mantra is “Quality is for Everyone.” Their commitment to providing the world with the highest quality Arabian horses is evident. The mares, foals, and stallions dictate the environment, ensuring excellence in breeding and care
  4. U.S. National Success: Hennessey Arabians celebrate success at major Arabian horse shows. Their horses—bred by the farm or sired by their stallions—consistently claim top spots in various disciplines. This achievement underscores their impact on the market.

Join us on a journey of discovery and let the enchanting allure of Arabian horses brighten your day.

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